I believe that working...creating...with your hands 
is a direct link to your soul.
It is in this sewing-  
mending or stitching together -
 that reaches into yourself 
to pull out the beauty of your creation.

Leslie O'Leary

Most people ask me why Asian?

It was a natural gravitation to the Asian form of design and approach of creating art as I became clearer on my personal style.

As I grew in my understanding of the ancient Chinese culture for the children, I realized that their protective symbolism spoke to me in a soulful manner. Like fabric, there are many layers to understanding the Chinese symbolism and legends.

Creating with my hands through my soul using textiles to share these stories filled with the symbolism and legends. These pieces call upon good fortune, to outwit evil forces, to help produce achievement and to strive for happiness and longevity. 

My dolls are sewn in silk crepe lined with cotton batiste. All are articulated in the head and arms with my smaller dolls being fully jointed. The heads are all hand sculpted in stone clay with a silk overlay. 
The Story Hats and doll costuming are created using silk, much of it is brocade that I purchased while visiting in China. These are accented with vintage Asian silks. Working with textiles, I find that it brings a richness and warmth to my pieces.

Designing dolls, hats, and textiles has been my art for 25 years. DenverCO is where my home and studio are located.