Flower Totems

Each of these Flower Totem© holds symbolic treasures to aid the body, mind and soul through the connection of strength, comfort, healing, and well being.

The process of creating these art pieces is thoughtfully crafted with globally hand-made papers that are hand-dyed to your custom color, and then shaped into natural flower forms. Each will be dedicated with full symbolism labeled on the bottom of each piece. $65 + shipping.
©Leslie O'Leary 2018

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The Blue Lotus Flower Totem© symbolizes: 
Purity of wisdom and enlightenment


The Adobe Lotus 
Flower Totem© 
Warmth and happiness

The Protea Flower Totem© symbolizes: 
Strength, courage, diversity, and love

The Peony 
Flower Totem© 
In full bloom, the peony symbolizes peace

The Lily 
Flower Totem© 
Love and the power of warmth

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